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With  Agritourism in Tuscany  you will experience the emotions that come from a countryside and landscape unique in the world.
There is a place where you don't need words to be understood, comparisons to feel you're just fine, strong sensations to thrill with excitement. That place is the Tuscan countryside, and you are its guest.  You will discover, on a farm, a vacation you have never tried before, one that will put you at ease at once: the vacation is Agritourism and it transports you to a world you feel yours at last.  Nowhere else is nature like this! You can take a walk to that ancient village and discover its art, go for a ride on horseback, stop a moment with astonishment in a solitary parish church, enjoy a meal full of gaiety and good things. You can do all of these things or do nothing at all and just relax.
This is Agritourism in Tuscany: wherever you are, you fell at home.
There is more than one Tuscany. You already know a Tuscany famous for its cities of art, its history, its famous men and their works. But, do you know its landscape and the honest hospitality of the Tuscan people in for a holiday ?
The Tuscan countryside is a very special natural environment where the age-long, human presence has shaped the outlines of the hills. 
Solitary farm houses, medieval villages, rows of vines, olive trees, cypresses: this is Tuscan country. And thanks to  Agritourism you can enjoy it on a different kind of holiday. You can walk down dusty white farm paths, ride a mountain bike alongside vinesyards and olive orchards or explore marked trails on horseback and discover the many facets of this Region while trying out its local products: the famous D.O.C. wines, the olive-oil, the meats, the cheeses....
With Agritourism in Tuscany, you can take cooking lessons, pick up the basics of ceramics in an old kiln, visit the cellars along "The wine route of Tuscany", discover Tuscan handicrafts, listen to a concert in an ancient parish church..... 

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